Protecting liver health with bile acids


Under modern culture conditions, bile acid deficiency becomes inevitable in artificially formulated feed. The burden on the liver is increasingly serious, and can be overloaded, so adding bile acid can ease and relieve the burden on the liver.

Improving egg quality with bile acids


Bile acids have the role of promoting fat digestion and absorption (including fat-soluble substances), improving feed utilisation, protecting liver and gallbladder health, alleviating fatty liver and hepatitis diseases. These factors combined show that bile acids can improve carcass and egg quality.

Sow Sub-health Reasons and Solutions


Many pig farmer friends will encounter some problems more or less in the process of raising pigs, but some problems are not caused by our inadequate daily management work as the sow is in a sub-healthy state for a long time. In this state, the damage to the sow is not prominent, the symptoms are not obvious, and the pig farmers have not paid enough attention to it, thus will be more prone to get disease and cause economic loss.

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