Application Solution of Runeon on Poultry

According to the the problems of low digestion of fat, poor absorption in different poultry feed (especially for corn-soybean diets) which will bring heavy burden to the intestine and liver , affect the growth performance and carcass quality. Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product CO.,LTD spent two years in developing one new innovate feed additives --RUNEON  which has been approved as new type feed additives in China, with Bile acids as the main ingredients.

What’s bile acids ?
Bile acids are produced in the liver from cholesterol, which are the main active ingredients of bile .with multi-physiological functions.
(1)The major functions of bile acids are assist in the solubilization , emulsification and utilization of fats and fat-soluble vitamins.
(2 ) Protect the health of liver&gallbladder.

As broiler grow fast with only 42 days breeding time, there are high request for the nutrition in diet. As the high energy feed material, fat has been widely added in feed to provide enough energy .
However , according the result of Logistic Equation, the breeding broiler with undeveloped liver function, which bring insufficient secretion of endogenous bile acids, then not only affects the utilization of fat in diet , waste energy but also results in fatty liver syndrome and damage body health. So it’s necessary to add exogenous bile acids in poultry feed to improve fat utilization, promote growth performance and immune ability.

Product Functions:


Species Functions
Broilers 1. Improve fat utilization by 15 %to 30 %, provide more energy with less fat volume.
2. For broilers, experiment has confirmed that the culture period can be shorted by two-- three days under the same body weight.
3. Improve growth performance and carcass quality, FCR decreased 5% to 10% ,the eviscerated yield rate improved 0.8%-1.5%
4. Assist to decompose the mycotoxins , heavy metal and endotoxin deposit in liver, remission it’s heavy burden , keep the health of liver and intestinal.
Layers 1. In incubation period: adding bile acids can help solve the problem of weight dissatisfaction and improve uniformity.
2. In laying period, assist to provide more energy and help fatty deposits,  improve laying rate and prolong laying peak.
3. Protect the health of liver and gallbladder, prevent fatty liver syndrome.


Application of RUNEON in poultry feed 

Project A: Save feed cost reduce feed cost .
adding  bile acids ,the utilization of fat can be improved 15%-20%, ME can be reduced 20-30 kcal , (it can be researched  by adjust the dosage of oil or crude fat in formulation
ME can be reduced with 20—30 kcal


  Oil dosage in diet
1% 2% 3% >4%
Dosage of RUNEONg 200 250 300 450
Replacement of oil kg 2—3 3—4 4—5 6—8


Project B : under the same formulation, adding bile acids can improve growth performance.

For example : improve carcass quality, FCR can be improved  5% to 10% ,the eviscerated yield rate improved 0.8%-1.5%.what’s more , For broilers, experiment has confirmed that the culture period can be shorted by one--two days under the same body weight.




500 g/ton feed 



20 kg/bag. 



18 months 


 Stored in shaded dry, cool place with good ventilation.