The Introduction of Runeon on Aquaculture

Executive Summary


Runeon II is one patent product developed by Shandong Lachance animal health product co.,ltd with the main content of 80% bile acids ,which are produced in the liver from cholesterol with multi-biological activities. It has the functions of assisting in the solubilization ,emulsification and utilization of fats and fat-soluble vitamins, protect the health of hepatopancreas and intestine. The addition of bile acids has below major benefits.


1 Necessary for shrimp liver transition period.

Shrimp with clear membrane, translucent body, strong intestine and good vitality.

 2 Hepatopancreas health protector.

Protect shrimp hepatopancreas, improve survival rate 10% and prevent white feces.

3 Necessary for big shrimp.

Pomote shrimp molting and shorten molting time; promote the digestion and absorption of fat-soluble vitamins and molting hormones.

 4 Hatchery period growth promoter

Promote nauplius molting and vitamin D absorption




Species Adding dosage(g/t)
Grass-carp 500g
Crucian 500g
Tilapia 500g
Weever 500g
Eels 1kg
Prawns 3-5kg
Crustaceans 800






18 months 


Stored in shaded dry, cool place with good ventilation.