The Projection of Runeon used on Ruminants

Runeon is the patent product of Longchang company, with bile acids as the main ingredients Adding exogenous bile acids can make up the insufficient of secreted ones ,which not only affect the utilization of fat and fat soluble vitamins ,waste energy ;but also can results in metabolism disease,like fatty liver syndrome for daily cow, especially during pregnancy period .
Bile acids are the main active of bile produced in liver for all the vertebrates ,converted from cholesterol with multi-biofunctions, like :
1 Promote fat emulsifier , and active lipase in order to hydrolysis fat into fatty acids, glycerinum and monoglyceride, what’s more, bile acids also help to compound into CM ,help fatty acids be absorbed by the intestine epithelial completely . 
2 Bile acids has it’s own enterohepatic circulation, recyclable bile acids can promote bile secretion, the large amount of bile can wash out endotoxin, mycotoxin and other hazards  ,and also promote VLDL transport the fatty deposit in liver.

Functions on cows:
1.Prevent perinatal period fatty liver and ketosis, improve reproduction ability.
2.Improve negative energy balance, improve body health.
3.Milk protein content increased by 10%-12%, milk fat content increased by 15%, increase milk production by 5%-8%.


Functions on beef cattles:

1.Improve daily weight gain by 15%-20% through improving lipids absorption. Improve FCR by 15% minimum, obviously increase feed intake, shorten slaughter cycle by adding regularly.

2.Improve slaughter quality, reduce under-skin fat, increase fat between muscle, improve carcass rate.
3.Improve immunity of cattle and meat sheep, decrease morbidity.

Trial on ruminant


Experiment shows that Runeon stays around 85% within 24 hours, indicating that Runeon has very good survivability over rumen microbe.



Experiment shows that after adding Runeon, dry matter intake has increased by 9.69%. Runeon improves digestion rate, increase dry matter intake and improves milk quantity.





Dairy cow 30g/cow/day
Beef cattle 15-20g/cattle/day
Mutton sheep 2-3g/sheep/day




20 kg/bag. 



18 months 



 Stored in shaded dry, cool place with good ventilation.