Runeon(Bile Acid) the Application on Pig Breeding

According the the problems of low digestion of fat, poor absorption which bring heavy burden to the intestine and liver,and affect the growth performance. Shandong Longchang Animal Health Product CO.,LTD spent two years in developing one new innovate feed additives --RUNEON II which has been approved as new type feed additives in China, with Bile acids as the main ingredients.

What’s bile acids ?
Bile acids are produced in the liver from cholesterol, which are the main active ingredients of bile with multi-physiological functions.
(1)The major functions of bile acids are assist in the solubilization , emulsification and utilization of fats and fat-soluble vitamins.
(2 ) Protect the health of liver&gallbladder.

Newborn piglets gastrointestinal immaturity, and also in aseptic condition, once the piglet start eating milk and feed, gastrointestinal can get the function. So when the breeder add in fat, can improve energy level and efficiency of feed utilization. However, the contents of pancreatic lipase in pancreas of newborn is about 4% of adult pig. The concentration of bile salt in newborn is about 10%~25% of adult. It is hardly reached or not enough to required concentration level for producing micelle, and secretion of bile salt can be reduced more under stress.
To improve the fat absorption, we should add bile acid into the feed. Neutral lipid like triglyceride in feed can not be absorbed for itself, it can be absorbed after forming to fatty acid by lipase in intestine. To get efficient lipase attack, surface of fat should be maximized in the stomach and fat droplet should be formed as smaller as possible. To achieve the above status in stomach, bile salt and plenty of helping materials should be existed. In the result, the most efficient materials is hydrophilic emulsifier.

Functions on piglets:
Runeon(Bile Acids) is an effective ingredient of the bile secreted by the liver, for fat digestion and the growth of the organism has played a very important role:
1. Crude fat digestion and absorption increased by 15%-20%
2. Improve the growth performance and feed intake, daily weight gain increased by 8%-12% and FCR improved by 5%-8%

3.Efficient solution for trophic diarrhea

4.Improve anti stress ability

Functions on sows:

1. Improve the quality of the sow milk, the digestion and absorption of fat can be improved by 30%-40%

2.Birth weight of the piglets can be increased by 5% and weaning weight increased by 10%

3.Protect the liver, enhance the function of detoxification 

The experiment of Runeon on pig application with obvious effects


  Control Group Experimental Group
28d average weight (kg) 7.58 7.62
70d average weight (kg) 29.43 30.76
ADG (g) 520.24 550.95
ADFI (g) 754.35 754.8
FCR 1.45 1.37
Diarrhea Rate 12% 3%