BILE ACIDS-New type feed additives

The solution for fatty acids nutrition.

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Runeon is the patent product of Shandong Longchang which has been approved as new type feed additives by the Ministry of Agriculture Department in China on 2014,  its main ingredients is 30% mixed bile acids.


Whats bile acids?

Bile acids are the main active ingredients of bile produced from cholesterol in liver. It can promote fat metabolism, protect liver and gall, support animal health for poultry, livestock and aquaculture, enhance the feed utilization and lower the feed cost.what’s more, bile acids are Extracted naturally, which is one kind of green and environmental friendly feed additives.

Why adding bile acids?

1 The concentration of bile acids in newborn is about 10%-25% of adult, it is hardly reached or not enough to required concentration level , and the secretion will be less under stress.

2 Although adult animals have relative mature digestive system, As there are high fat and energy content in diet, which go beyond the capability of liver and cause inadequate secretion of bile acids. Low utilization not only waste energy but also results in metabolism disease which affect animal health and growth performance.


In modern breeding industry, fat content has been becoming more and more high in feed. However its a complicated process for fat digestion which with three steps: emulsify-digest and absorb, bile acids play an important role in the whole process.


Step 1: Emulsification

As one kind of endogenous emulsifier, bile acids have a special structure by which they combined with hydrophilic (water attracting) and lipophilic (oil attracting) elements. One of them can fix water and the other insert into the fat. Under this way, fat is emulsified into little droplets which have more contact areas with lipase.

Step 2: Digestion

The suitable PH value for lipase is 8-9, but the PH value in small intestine is only 6-7, in this condition, lipase doesn’t work.The lipase can be activated by bile acids, when they combined together. Bile acids can open it’s cap and release the catalyze elements, in the meantime, the structure of lipase is also changed which can let fat droplets contact with catalyze in order to hydrolyzed into fatty acids,glycerinum and monoglyceride.

Step 3: Absorption

Fatty acids can not enter into intestinal epithelial itself , it can only be absorbed when combined with bile acids. Then the micelles consisting of lipolysis products will passes into bloodstream.