BILE ACIDS-New type feed additives

Protect liver and gallbladder health.

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1. The functions of liver.

B、The source of liver damage. 

1. The addition of high-fat raw materials, aggravates the pressure and burden of the liver.

2. The use of antibiotics aggravates the detoxification pressure of the liver.

3. The bad quality of feed, the use of DDGS, mildew, etc., aggravate the pressure of liver on detoxification mycotoxins.

C. How to protect liver and gallbladder by using Bile acids.


Bile acids will apart with fatty acids and back into the liver to finish its enterohepatic circulation. Under this circulation, A large amount of bile can be secreted which will wash out endotoxin and mycotoxin produced by using antibiotics and noncoventional feedstuffs. So adding bile acids in feed can effectively protect liver and gall, maintain animal health.